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Mass spectrometry LC-MS

Nitrogen generator for LC-MS

Peak Scientific’s Solaris XE can deliver up to 35 L min–1 of nitrogen, at purity levels of up to 99.5% making it suitable for LC-MS applications.

Microflow LC-MS/MS system

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has introduced the Nexera Mikros Microflow liquid chromatography mass spectrometry system covering the complete range from microflow to semi-microflow. System configuration options include a direct injection system for sample volume-limited analyses for rapid and highly sensitive micro LC-MS analysis without sample loss. A trap and elute system is available for analyses with larger injection volumes or when some degree of sample cleanup is desirable.

Metabolic studies using LC-MS determine whether carrots are organic or not organic

10 August 2017 | News

Scientists from the EU’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) have carried out a multi-year study based on comparative metabolomics combined with chemometrics on carrots coming from different agronomic environments. The results highlight the potential of metabolomics fingerprinting for organic food authentication purposes.


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