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22 Aug 2019

Thermo Fisher Scientific has added two systems now listed as Class I medical devices with the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) to its range of mass spectrometers for clinical diagnostic laboratories.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
20 Aug 2019

The Xevo TQ-S cronos is designed for routine quantitation of large numbers of small-molecule organic compounds over a wide concentration range.

Waters Corporation
1 Aug 2019

HORIBA Scientific has announced a new look for its Lumetta fixed grating spectrograph, including an F/2 spectrograph with a large area sensor.

HORIBA Scientific
30 Jul 2019

RM5 Raman microscope to be manufactured in Scotland at Edinburgh Instruments’ European headquarters, manufacturing base and research and development centre.

Edinburgh Instruments Ltd
24 Jul 2019

Six-position anode carousel allows users to change anode target materials without breaking vacuum.

McPherson, Inc.
26 Jun 2019

The SPECTROCUBE Petrochem is designed to meet all relevant refining and petrochemical analysis standards.

Spectro Analytical Instruments
26 Jun 2019

The new SPECTROLAB S arc/spark optical emission spectrometry analyser features proprietary CMOS+T technology.

Spectro Analytical Instruments
25 Jun 2019
A new series of five polymer block fluorescence references from Starna Scientific can be supplied with certified spectral scans for spectral correction that are traceable to
Starna Scientific Limited
21 Jun 2019

Metrohm Autolab and Arbin Instruments have launched a new electrochemical impedance spectroscopy system for battery testing.

Metrohm AG
11 Jun 2019

Latest release of enterprise software enhances efficiency of biopharmaceutical development with special focus on supporting Multi-Attribute Methods.

Genedata AG
11 Jun 2019

CovalX has partnered with Shimadzu Scientific Instruments to offer the OMEGATOF, an integrated MALDI solution for ultra-high-mass detection.

CovalX AG
10 Jun 2019

908 Devices announce several advancements to their ZipChip® product line.

908 Devices Inc.
7 Jun 2019

Peak Scientific’s new MS Bench system is exclusively for SCIEX, with integrated gas generation and a sound-dampening vacuum pump enclosure.

Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd
6 Jun 2019

AMETEK EDAX has added a new 160 mm2 detector to its Elite T Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy.

EDAX (part of AMETEX)
6 Jun 2019

Hamamatsu’s new area image sensor is an InGaAs device that can measure out to 2550 nm.

Hamamatsu Photonics UK Limited
4 Jun 2019

New LC-MS/MS system with QTRAP functionality built in and available by upgrading the licence.

4 Jun 2019

SCIEX have launched their new flagship accurate mass system alongside Scanning SWATH® and data processing with OneOmics™ in SCIEX Cloud.

4 Jun 2019

Agilent Technologies has introduced the InfinityLab LC/MSD iQ System that incorporates “designed-in” smart features, software and hardware.

Agilent Technologies (Santa Clara, USA)
4 Jun 2019

Bruker has announced advances to ultra-high sensitivity 4D lipidomics workflows on the timsTOF Pro and timsTOF fleX platforms using LC-TIMS-MS/MS.

Bruker Daltonik GmbH
4 Jun 2019

Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry technology, incorporating the Open Port Interface and Acoustic Droplet Ejection, has been introduced ahead of commercialisation by SCIEX.