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Spectroscopy Products

A double-beam spectrophotometer with advanced photometric performance for diverse sample-type measurements with minimal sample preparation.

With high-UV sensitivity from 200 nm, this non-cooled CMOS area image sensor has a spectral response to 1100 nm and is stable in UV light irradiation.

Improved Illicit and General Materials Library to be available on MIRA, TacticID and i-Raman instruments.

The system combines both Raman and FLIM in a single instrument. This integration can overlay both FLIM and Raman images with pixel-to-pixel correlation.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has introduced the AIRsight™ Infrared/Raman Microscope that provides a two-in-one solution for molecular analysis.

Syft Tracer™ is the latest real-time, direct injection mass spectrometry (MS) for a variety of industries and applications.

Markes International is launching a new addition to its automated sample preparation platform, Centri®.

New features for this Raman software include multi-user management and a portable coordinate system.

HORIBA Scientific have expanded their XGT-9000 series product line with the release of the two new micro-XRF (X-ray fluorescence) analysers, the XGT-9000 Pro and XGT-9000 Expert.

The IRis-C utilises dual-comb spectroscopy and quantum cascade laser frequency combs.

The IR5 is the first Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometer from Edinburgh Instruments and can be configured with a second detector or with Fourier Transform Photoluminescence capability.

The MIRA XTR DS uses machine learning to provide similar performance with fluorescent materials as 1064 nm with a 785 nm laser.

Imec demonstrates combined vis and NIR spectral camera system, complemented with hi-res RGB imaging, for data acquisition at video rate.

The Park NX-IR R300 is an infrared spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy integrated into one, for up to 300 mm semiconductor wafers.

Hamamatsu has developed a new spectrometer with an extremely high dynamic range in the spectral range 200–900 nm.

The MIRA XTR DS handheld Raman spectrometer and Autofocus Standoff Attachment from Metrohm can be integrated into the IBEX CBRNE robot system equipped with environmental sensors.

Hamamatsu have developed a new InAsSb photovoltaic detector with built-in preamplifier offering high sensitivity to mid-infrared light, up to 11 μm.

The Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science has developed Certified Reference Materials that can enhance the reliability of using dried blood spot testing for newborn screening.

ABB’s Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy laser absorption technology is used in the new Sensi+ analyser for continuous, simultaneous measurements of H2S, H2O and CO2 contaminants in natural gas streams.

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