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High dynamic range UV/vis-NIR spectrometer

30 January 2023 | Product
by Ian Michael

Hamamatsu has developed a new spectrometer with an extremely high dynamic range of 2,500,000 : 1 in the spectral range from 200 nm to 900 nm that allows simultaneous measurement of both strong and weak signals. The OPAL-Luxe C16736-01 is the top-end model from Hamamatsu. Incorporating the OPAL-Luxe into component analysers that utilise light absorption properties of substances in the ultraviolet to near infrared region, will allow simultaneous analysis of the various components within a sample. This includes components in large quantities absorbing large amounts of light and components in small quantities absorbing small amounts of light. This increases component analysis efficiency in the quality control of chemicals by detecting the trace amounts of impurities in substances without having to repeat measurements. The OPAL-Luxe will also help make further progress in plasma application research since it can analyse plasma emissions with high accuracy.