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Linkam Scientific Instruments has launched new software to control and record all aspects of heating, cooling, vacuum, humidity and other environmental conditions in a Linkam stage.

​​​​​​​trinamiX has introduced on-site identification of textiles, enabling more than 15 textile types and compositions to be identified and thus better sorted.

Pfeiffer Vacuum has introduced the first rotary vane pump for mass spectrometry with a hermetically sealed pump housing.

RedWave Technology have introduced the ProtectIR, their latest emergency response tool for the identification of unknown solid or liquid materials.

trinamiX now supports identification of more than 30 plastic types, and PET-A can now be distinguished from PET-G.

Ocean Insight has introduced the Ocean HR2 spectrometer, a high-resolution, configurable spectrometer that provides rapid acquisition speed and excellent thermal stability.

The enhanced 8700 LDIR Chemical Imaging System has been further optimised for the analysis of microplastics in environmental samples.

Metrohm Process Analytics has introduced the latest member of the 2060 platform: the 2060 The NIR Analyzer.

The new mIRage-LS sub-500 nm IR spectroscopy system from Photothermal Spectroscopy has simultaneous Raman and co-located fluorescence microscopy.

Resonon has released two new NIR range (925‒1700 nm) hyperspectral imagers: the Pika IR-L and Pika IR-L+.

Shimadzu’s LCMS-9050 Q-TOF includes a proprietary high precision temperature control system that inhibits even tiny mass variations caused by external factors.

Bruker has announced a new 8 mm 15N TROSY Cryoprobe for enabling novel NMR functional structural biology investigations into larger globular proteins and protein complexes.

The AQ6375E and AQ6376E from Yokogawa cover the short- and mid-wavelength infrared regions to aid development of measurement lasers.

Interface to enable in situ Raman imaging within a scanning electron microscope.

Shimadzu has introduced the LCMS-2050 equipped with the newly developed Heated Dual Ion Source (DUIS) as standard.

Shimadzu has introduced the iMScope QT is a MALDI-MS imaging system combined with a built-in optical microscope.

Shimadzu has introduced the MALDI-8030, a new MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer with dual-polarity ion source.

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments has introduced the SPECTROMAXx LMX10 for elemental analysis in metal producing and fabricating plants, and iron and non-ferrous foundries.

Andor Technology’s new Marana-X platform is for ultra-fast soft X-ray/EUV tomography and High Harmonic Generation imaging.

Dedicated to life sciences applications, but also provides additional methods for self-defined protocols such as spectrum scanning, multiwavelength, quantitation and concentration.