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Spectroscopy Products

RedWave Technology’s XplorIR is a handheld FT-IR system that can identify up to 5500 gases in seconds.

For the correlative analysis of Raman, AFM, AFM-Raman, cathodoluminescence and fluorescence data and microscopy images (optical, scanning probe microscopy, electron microscopy).

X-Pulse now has an automatic sample changer, as well as new functionalities that increase ease of use, throughput and remote working capability while further reducing ongoing costs.

Hiden Analytical’s Cluster series is a range of quadrupole mass spectrometry systems and components, developed specifically for high mass analysis that the analysis of nanoparticles requires.

The Extrel MAX300-RTG 2.0 features an integrated customisable 15” touch screen display and user-friendly GUI interface making it easy to use with minimal training.

This mid-level FT-IR spectrophotometer achieves upper-end performance including high-level S/N ratio, resolution, measurement speed and ease of use.

Evosep has introduced a new and vastly improved generation of Evotips, called Evotip Pure™.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released a new Raman spectroscopic analyser for process monitoring.

The Xevo™ TQ Absolute, Waters’ newest tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer, is up to 15× more sensitive for analysing negatively ionised compounds.

JEOL USA has announced the next generation of their NMR spectrometers: the ECZ Luminous series, with three models covering 400 MHz to 1.3 GHz.

The LANSIS CCD cameras extend Teledyne’s spectroscopy portfolio into system integrator and OEM markets.

Hiden Analytical introduce the new HPR-30 Series quadrupole analysers for vacuum process analysis.

Waters has introduced new software to help intact mass analysis in biomolecule drug discovery and development.

Edinburgh Instruments has introduced a new upgrade for its photoluminescence spectrometers.

Magritek’s new Spinsolve Multi X benchtop NMR spectrometer can access multiple nuclei in a fully automatic way.

SphereOptics have announced a new high-performance Raman spectrometer from Wasatch Photonics.

New FT-IR systems for wine and liquid dairy include cloud based-software and streamlined workflows to deliver results in under 45 s.

SUPER Mass Spec™ allows ions produced by a single ion source to be processed in parallel by a network of mass spectrometers.

Bruker has added TIMS technology to their MALDI PharmaPulse® for label-free HTS in drug discovery.

The updated RHGen relative humidity controller can be used in conjunction with light microscopy, Raman, FT-IR and X-ray to provide further sample characterisation.