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Spectroscopy Products

SphereOptics have announced a new high-performance Raman spectrometer from Wasatch Photonics.

New FT-IR systems for wine and liquid dairy include cloud based-software and streamlined workflows to deliver results in under 45 s.

SUPER Mass Spec™ allows ions produced by a single ion source to be processed in parallel by a network of mass spectrometers.

Bruker has added TIMS technology to their MALDI PharmaPulse® for label-free HTS in drug discovery.

The updated RHGen relative humidity controller can be used in conjunction with light microscopy, Raman, FT-IR and X-ray to provide further sample characterisation.

The Thermo Scientific Nicolet RaptIR FTIR Microscope enables FT-IR imaging of large, heavy samples.

TOPTICA’s new CTL 900 laser can cover the 900 nm region with wide mode-hop-free tuning.

Ibsen Photonics’ spectrometer is a mini spectrometer module for OEM manufacturers of analytical instruments.

SPECTRO’s ARCOS ICP-OES spectrometer has enhancements in optical interfaces and detection.

The 2030PV PRO™ is a system able to acquire spectra of microscopic samples throughout the UV-visible-NIR region in absorbance, reflectance, fluorescence and photoluminescence.

The theta-SE is a push-button spectroscopic ellipsometer for characterising thin film uniformity.

The NaturaSpec has launched a new high-resolution, high-sensitivity UV-vis-NIR spectroradiometer from Spectral Evolution specifically engineered for fieldwork.

trinamiX has introduced a transmission solution for the analysis of organic liquids with NIR spectroscopy.

908 Devices’ new kit provides a simple, rapid and cost-effective method for oligonucleotide analysis.

Bruker’s TIMScore software now harnesses machine learning for a CCS-enabled algorithm enabling search engines to provide greater peptide and protein identification.

SCiLS autopilot automatically conducts six key performance optimisations to quickly move from a prepared slide to acquisition of data.

Bruker’s new OligoQuest software provides enhanced RNA, important for the increasing use of RNA-based pharmaceuticals, and oligonucleotide characterisation.

Handheld ion mobility spectrometry explosives trace detector.

Spectrus JS supports remote work for scientists with 1D and 2D NMR data processing on any computer with internet and browser access.

Agilent have introduced the Agilent 6560C Ion Mobility LC/Q-TOF, which adds new capabilities that enhance flexibility and performance over its predecessors.