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ABB launches Sensi+™ for natural gas quality monitoring

19 December 2022 | Product
by Ian Michael

ABB’s Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy (ICOS) laser absorption technology has been used for over 15 years for reliable gas analysis. This advanced spectroscopic method provides the highest accuracy, precision, sensitivity and reliability. The new Sensi+ is a single device for continuous, simultaneous measurements of H2S, H2O and CO2 contaminants in natural gas streams for custody transfer, tariff compliance and process monitoring. Its fast response also enables quick reaction to process upsets, thus helping to reduce waste and methane emissions. ABB’s proven laser-based technology virtually eliminates false readings and provides rapid response for reliable process control. The Sensi+ has been designed for remote and hazardous locations, and has a low cost of ownership.

Sensi+ requires about six times less sample flowrate for its measurement than other technologies, reducing the total carbon emission of the analyser and natural gas wastage in the atmosphere. Natural gas pipeline operators have the critical task of managing their installed base of analysers to ensure the necessary reliability, system integrity and performance. The Sensi+ is hazardous area compliant and needs only a simple wall mount installation and process tie-in without complex system purging. Following installation and validation, the analyser will deliver fast and reliable measurements in the field without calibration.

The Sensi+ analyser includes ABB’s AnalyzerExpert™ features that provide experts with actions and insights directly from the device. Capabilities include built-in self-diagnostics, automated laser line-locking, real-time cross-interference compensation and health monitoring.