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Ion mobility LC/Q-TOF

2 November 2021 | Product
by Ian Michael

Agilent Technologies have introduced the Agilent 6560C Ion Mobility LC/Q-TOF, which adds new capabilities that enhance flexibility and performance over its predecessors for more precise measurements of large protein complexes such as biotherapeutic antibodies and large protein assemblies. Protein folding and structural analysis are now possible by collision-induced unfolding (CIU), and high-resolution demultiplexing (HRdm) 2.0 postprocessing generates ion mobility resolution of up to 250. The system features electrodynamic ion funnel technology to improve sensitivity while maintaining an attractive low field drift tube design. This allows accurate collision cross sections (CCS) and preserve labile targets to be directly measured. It includes multiplexing for substantially increased sensitivity and dynamic range, with enhancement of one order of magnitude, and up to 5 Hz acquisition rate can be used without compromising resolution for UHPLC compatibility.