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Portable UV-vis-NIR spectroradiometer

20 December 2021 | Product
by Ian Michael

Spectral Evolution has launched a new high-resolution, high-sensitivity UV-vis-NIR (350–2500 nm) spectroradiometer specifically engineered for fieldwork. The NaturaSpec spectroradiometer for remote sensing applications was developed as a portable version of Spectral Evolution’s high-resolution laboratory spectroradiometers. Solid-state photodiode array detectors with no moving optical parts come as standard on a rugged chassis to ensure toughness, stability and repeatability of measurement in the field. The fibre optic cable can be replaced in the field and have a keyed connection ensure no loss of calibration if replacement is needed.

DARWinTM data acquisition software ensures that every spectral scan collected is optimised for the best signal-to-noise ratio. Dark-current correction is automatically applied to every scan, and each detector is independently exposed to the signal at the optimum integration time. No manual optimisation is required to ensure repeatable data.