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CRAIC Technologies introduces the 2030PV PRO UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer

5 January 2022 | Product
by Ian Michael

CRAIC Technologies has introduced the 2030PV PRO™ UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer, designed to non-destructively analyse many types of microscopic samples from the deep ultraviolet to the near infrared. Analysis of samples can be done by absorbance, reflectance, Raman, photoluminescence and fluorescence and the system can be configured to image microscopic samples in the UV and NIR regions in addition to colour imaging. The 2030PV PRO™ microspectrophotometer can be combined with CRAIC Technologies Traceable Standards, which are specifically designed for use with microspectrophotometers and calibrated using Standard Reference Materials from NIST. The 2030PV PRO™ microspectrophotometer integrates an advanced spectrophotometer with a UV-visible-NIR range microscope and powerful, easy-to-use software. By including high-resolution digital imaging, the user is also able to use the instrument as an ultraviolet or infrared microscope.