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TOPTICA Photonics AG

CW OPO Laser System for mid-infrared Spectroscopy and Applications

Mid-infrared tunable lasers between 2 - 5 µm are necessary tools for applications like high-resolution molecular spectroscopy and gas sensing, mid-infrared integrated photonics, optical component characterization, and quantum optics. For this reason, TOPTICA has developed a continuous wave optical parametric oscillator (OPO) that delivers the widest coverage of any MIR laser in this wavelength range. This system, the TOPO, has high power and narrow linewidth and is capable of fast phase and frequency modulation necessary for sensitive gas phase MIR spectroscopy techniques.

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TOPTICA Photonics AG
Lochhamer Schlag 19, 82166 Gräfelfing (Munich)
+49 89 858 37 - 123
+49 89 858 37 - 200
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