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New Raman spectrometer

14 March 2022 | Product
by Ian Michael

SphereOptics have announced a new high-performance Raman spectrometer from Wasatch Photonics. The new Raman XL spectrometer series is compatible with ultra-cooled scientific cameras, allowing very long integration times to record even the weakest Raman signals. The systems are available for 532, 633, 785, 830 and 1064 nm excitation. There is a choice between two different numerical apertures (or f/#): an aperture of f/1.5 maximises the instrument sensitivity. If resolution is more important for the application, an aperture of f/2 can be chosen. There is a further choice between an SMA connector for fibre-optic coupled Raman probes and a cage interface system for free beam coupling. An internal opto-mechanical shutter allows automated dark signal collection. In addition to the standard devices, special OEM versions for integration are available too.