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Process Raman spectrometer

6 June 2022 | Product
by Ian Michael

Timegate Instrument Ltd have released their third-generation instrument, the PicoRaman M3, which implements the patented Timegated® Raman technology with real fluorescence rejection. The spectrometer offers features including fast and continuous, real-time and online measurements as well as highly specific chemical information and non-destructive analysis. Timegate has reduced the complexity of spectrometer use and developed PicoRaman M3 as a user-friendly, compact and portable design. The instrument allows easy and autoclavable integration with process environment and is free from sample preparation resulting in rapid set-up time. In addition, the PicoRaman M3 enables about 10–40× faster measurements than the previous Timegated® Raman instrument generations. Timegate also provides the ProbePro product family, a variety of different probe optics for in situ, real-time analysis.