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LC-MS sample prep

11 April 2022 | Product
by Ian Michael

Evosep has introduced a new and vastly improved generation of Evotips, called Evotip Pure™. The design of Evotip Pure is based on five years of customer feedback added to a thorough review of every single aspect of the Evotip. Evotip Pure improves peptide recovery and increases protein identifications for all sample loads, but especially for low sample loads. This enables deeper proteome coverage, with lower CVs, making them suitable for analysing low sample amounts, e.g. single cell analysis powered by the Evosep Whisper™ Flow Technology.

Evotip Pure not only provides much better chromatographic performance, but also ensures improved results and consistency over time. The improved peak definition and peak width will significantly increase peak capacity and ultimately lead to better performance. The new Evotips will give you more efficient sample binding, significantly improved sensitivity at low loads and visibly sharper and more symmetric peaks at all loads. Retention times are identical ±1 s using the 60 SPD method.

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