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Metrohm Process Analytics’ 2060 The NIR Analyzer

11 October 2022 | Product
by Ian Michael

Metrohm Process Analytics has introduced the latest member of the 2060 platform: the 2060 The NIR Analyzer. With its high-throughput spectrograph design, this process analyser is suited to inline process monitoring of multiple parameters at the same time.

The 2060 The NIR Analyzer can measure up to five (5) sampling points hundreds of metres away and is available in four different configurations to target multiple applications and industries: 2060 The NIR Analyzer, 2060 The NIR-R Analyzer, 2060 The NIR-Ex Analyzer and 2060 The NIR-REx Analyzer (R: Remote; Ex: explosion proof).

To get the most out of the NIR analysis, smart software are needed: the 2060 The NIR Analyzer has the software solutions designed for Process Analytical Technology (PAT). The on-board software products in the 2060 The NIR Analyzer—the IMPACT software and the OMNIS software—provide the greatest benefits out of your process analyser. The IMPACT software is the user’s interface, with all the possibilities for smart programming, results display and communication protocols to the plant control room. Meanwhile the OMNIS software oversees all data analysis and contains the chemometrics package. As a result of this combination, the 2060 The NIR Analyzer is the ideal tool for supporting PAT.

In many industries, many production processes are classified as potentially explosive atmospheres, in which higher concentrations of combustible gases, vapours or dusts can occur. This implies that it is vital for the process analysers to be safely operated and to not cause explosions. The 2060 The NIR-Ex Analyzer and 2060 The NIR-REx Analyzer have been developed for such harsh processes. The pressurised IP66 enclosure directly on the system has the advantage that no further protective shelters are needed. Additionally, all electrical connections are intrinsically safe. This results in an easy implementation to meet IECEx regulations or EU ATEX guidelines.