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Resonon releases new compact and lightweight NIR hyperspectral imagers

12 September 2022 | Product
by Ian Michael

Resonon has released two new NIR range (925‒1700 nm) hyperspectral imagers: the Pika IR-L and Pika IR-L+. The new imagers are smaller, nearly three times lighter, and boast improved spectral resolution compared to the current generation of NIR imagers. Their NIR spectral range is particularly suited for delineating land/water boundaries, imaging through low clouds and smoke, classifying a variety of minerals and vegetation covers, as well as contrasting dry and wet soils. Noteworthy applications include survey work, scientific research, precision agriculture and a multitude of commercial applications.

Airborne systems can be acquired as a full kit, including a data acquisition unit, the GPS/IMU unit, georectification software, post-processing and analytical software, a system mount for UAVs or piloted aircraft, radiometric calibration, a calibration target, and a rugged travel case. Resonon also offers RTK systems for very precise geo-location, VNIR downwelling irradiance sensors and training services.