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New Extended-SWIR Hyperspectral Camera

8 August 2023 | Product
by Katie Michael

Hinalea Imaging has added a new camera to its innovative product family of hyperspectral imaging systems. The Model 4455 is an extended short-wave-infrared (XSWIR) camera designed to cover the 1200-2100 nm spectral range. It features a compact, portable and lightweight package. This camera enables the detection and classification of chemicals and other materials that remain unseen with near-infrared (NIR) or typical SWIR systems. The Model 4455 utilizes a tunable Fabry-Perot filter at its core that can capture a complete high-resolution datacube in seconds across the XSWIR spectral range. It is designed to image 225 spectral bands in hyperspectral mode at a resolution of approximately 15 nm (FWHM). However, the cameras can also be operated in multispectral mode. Only a user-defined subset of bands is scanned, optimizing measurement time and enabling near real-time spectral image classification. The ability to dynamically control the sensor based on the application and object to be imaged optimizes the efficiency for both data acquisition and data processing. The growing product lineup of Hinalea’s hyperspectral imaging solutions provides cost-effective and adaptable high-performance cameras to capture detailed spectral information, whether for scientific research or commercial applications.

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