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Raman Spectroscopy News

13 Jan 2022

Researchers improve their scientific understanding of heterogeneous catalysis by imaging the gas just above the surface of the catalyst.

Schematic of the Nikalyte gold nanoparticle SERS substrate
11 Jan 2022

Wasatch Photonics and Nikalyte Ltd have announced a partnership to facilitate evaluation and testing of a novel surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) substrate for trace detection of materials.

3 Jan 2022

In situ Raman and X-ray absorption spectroscopy can track the dynamic catalytic processes, capture the short-lived intermediates and reveal reactive sites.

3 Jan 2022

A new test for prostate cancer using Raman spectroscopy could be “pivotal” in providing more accurate diagnosis, easing the suffering of patients and saving lives.

20 Dec 2021

The First Student meeting of the Coblentz Society and NE & NY Society for Applied Spectroscopy (SAS) Sections invites submissions from PhD students from across the world working in all fields of vibrational spectroscopy.

6 Dec 2021

The two foods both derive from duck livers, and are similar in overall structure and their differing fat distribution, as determined by CARS, provides a window into how fat affects texture.

6 Dec 2021

A novel biosensor based on aptamer-combined surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) has been developed to detect inflammatory microRNA-122 (miR-122) in cell-secreted exosomes.

3 Dec 2021

Raman spectral biomarkers and a diagnostic algorithm enable the non-invasive and early diagnosis of bacterial infections in crop plants helping plant disease management and agricultural productivity.

22 Nov 2021

Raman and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopies and X-ray diffraction have shown the underlying mechanisms leading to failure of energy storage devices.

1 Nov 2021

The 2021 winner of the Karl Norris Award of the International Council for Near Infrared Spectroscopy is Professor Yukihiro Ozaki.

25 Oct 2021

FACSS have recognised Roy Goodacre with the 2021 Charles Mann Award for Applied Raman Spectroscopy.

25 Oct 2021

As a UvA professor, she will focus primarily on the application of molecular spectroscopy for the study of historic paints and their degradation.

22 Oct 2021

The New York/New Jersey Section of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy are seeking nominations for their 2022 Gold Medal Award.

20 Oct 2021

Raman spectroscopy and machine learning to understand the complex changes in tumours after immunotherapy. It has the potential to transform clinical methods for predicting therapy response.

7 Oct 2021

Rapiscan Systems are to distribute Metrohm handheld Raman spectrometer products to the security market under a non-exclusive agreement.

3 Sep 2021

Researchers have made a tiny camera, held together with “molecular glue” that allows them to observe chemical reactions in real time.

27 Aug 2021

It has now been discovered that care should be taken using Raman spectroscopy to analyse certain chiral molecules. A study shows that interference with circularly polarised light can falsify results.

16 Aug 2021

Raman microscopy has been used to reconstruct technical process parameters and the origin of the raw materials of Egyptian blue revealing trace compounds that inform us about its history.

9 Aug 2021

Shimadzu has appointed Jürgen Semmler as the new Managing Director of its European organisation. He previously headed Shimadzu Deutschland since its foundation in 2006.

4 Aug 2021

Scientists at the University of Nottingham are using Raman microspectroscopy to observe how plant roots take in and circulate water at the cellular level.