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Katherine Bakeev joins Timegate

27 September 2022 | News
by Ian Michael
Photo of Katherine Bakeev

Katherine Bakeev to start the operations of Timegate in the US.imegate is growing and expanding its business in the United States, and as the first step, Dr Katherine Bakeev has been hired to start the operations there. Katherine will be well-known to many readers, not least for her book on PAT. Katherine has a doctoral degree in Polymer Science and Engineering, and she is also a spectroscopist specialising in vibrational spectroscopy including Raman, near infrared and chemometrics and their applications for process understanding, monitoring and control (PAT) in the pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries.

Katherine has enjoyed great experiences in many different aspects of implementing solutions. Her background is in technology transfer and PAT implementation from R&D to manufacturing in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. She has worked for spectroscopy companies B&W Tek and Foss NIRSystems. Katherine has been honoured by the Society for Applied Spectroscopy as a Fellow. She was the first recipient of the Craver Award for her broad expertise in spectroscopy, awarded by The Coblentz Society to recognise young professional spectroscopists who have made significant contributions in applied analytical vibrational spectroscopy.

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