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Raman in bioreactor systems

26 February 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

Sartorius has introduced the BioPAT® Spectro, a Quality by Design (QbD) tool for use with its ambr® automated micro and mini bioreactor systems and with the BIOSTAT STR® single-use production bioreactors. The new tool offers access to Raman spectroscopy analysis in high-throughput process development, enabling faster Raman model building and scale-up into commercial manufacturing. The new BioPAT Spectro Tool, can be retrofitted into ambr 15 cell culture and ambr 250 high throughput systems, and enables quick and simple sampling for integrated, at-line analysis of a large number of analytes by Raman spectroscopy in a Design of Experiments (DoE) approach.

BioPAT Spectro consists of a multi-use flow cell integrated into the ambr analysis module, and is compatible with Raman spectrometers from Kaiser Optical Systems and Tornado Spectral Systems. The online Raman spectroscopy data, alongside data from the ambr process and selected integrated analysers, is automatically collated by the ambr software and can be easily transferred to SIMCA® Multivariate Data Analysis (MVDA) software for model building.

The BioPAT Spectro has been developed with scalability in mind and its flow cell’s Raman probe interface and optical path design are identical across scales allowing automated in-line Raman spectroscopy with Sartorius’ BIOSTAT STR single-use bioreactors. An integrated qualified and ready-to-use single-use spectroscopy port in Flexsafe STR® bags for BIOSTAT STR bioreactors will be launched in the near future.

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