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Drawing of the creation of the dual-region signals
4 Mar 2022

A new method for broadband THz–fingerprint Raman spectroscopy at an ultrafast spectral rate enables synchronous measurement of two distinct types of vibrational signals, for dual-region sensitivity.

3 Mar 2022

PerkinElmer has announced a partnership with P1 Fuels to develop and test fully renewable fuels to be used in the upcoming series of the FIA World Rally Championship.

3 Mar 2022

New machine-learning methods based on laboratory soil hyperspectral data can supply estimates of soil organic carbon with the same accuracy as lab-based methods.

Drawing of water molecules in the liquid phase
3 Mar 2022

An international team of researchers has developed a procedure allowing them to reproduce the double peak feature of x-ray emission spectroscopy (XES) spectra in liquid water.

2 Mar 2022

Researchers have developed a novel method of coherent 2D micro-spectroscopy, which provides spectral resolution for both excitation and detection steps in combination with microscopic spatial resolution and 20 fs temporal resolution.

Photo of the laser being developed at the LZH
2 Mar 2022

Scientists from the LZH have developed a laser to detect water in the polar regions of the Moon using LIBS.

2 Mar 2022

Process Insights has acquired Guided Wave, which will join Process Insights’ existing broad portfolio of brands and technologies for process analytics, monitoring and control.

Diagram of the deep learning process
28 Feb 2022

A new algorithm allows real-time reconstruction of images that combine optical spectral and magnetic resonance imaging data.

Photo of Ahmed Abdelfattah
28 Feb 2022

HORIBA Scientific has presented Dr Ahmed Abdelfattah with the annual Young Fluorescence Investigator Award at the 2022 Biophysical Society event.

Photo of Mars
23 Feb 2022

NASA has opened a competition to anyone to build a model to automatically analyse mass spectrometry data collected for Mars exploration.

23 Feb 2022

A proof-of-concept FT-IR-based saliva COVID-19 testing workflow has investigated the pathophysiological response to a COVID-19 infection through ATR-FT-IR spectroscopy.

22 Feb 2022

Agilent will integrate the AI technology into its lab informatics platforms, enabling customers to automate GC/MS data analysis.

Artistic impression of the EarthDaily Constellation satellite
17 Feb 2022

In its largest order in the private space sector, ABB will supply multispectral imaging systems to Canadian data and analytics company EarthDaily Analytics, which will be used to provide near real-time information about natural and human-caused change across the planet.

16 Feb 2022

A Memorandum of Understanding for technical and scientific collaboration will strengthen ties, enhance agricultural research and encourage new technology development.

16 Feb 2022

Researchers from the University of Warsaw have built the first quantum processor in Poland and are putting it to use in spectroscopy. They’ve demonstrated how quantum information processing can efficiently provide information on matter hidden in light.

14 Feb 2022

Researchers from the Leiden Institute of Chemistry have shown proof of principle that live-cell structural changes and metabolic processes can be followed in real time with NMR spectroscopy.

Diagram of the sensor-building process
14 Feb 2022

As the nanostructures in optical sensing chips get ever smaller, it becomes increasingly difficult to get molecules onto the device. A new chip using surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy may be the answer.

Visible and hyperspectral images of Earth from space
10 Feb 2022

Canadian hyperspectral imaging satellite company, Wyvern, has received an investment from Sustainable Development Technology Canada.

Photo of Kendra Furber with her FT-IR imaging instrumentation
9 Feb 2022

Synchrotron light is being used with FT-IR imaging to investigate the role of myelin in brain ageing.

Photo of Hiden's factory with the 40th anniversary logo overlayed
8 Feb 2022

2022 marks Hiden Analytical’s 40th year of continuous and independent operation in the field of mass spectrometry.