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PerkinElmer and P1 Fuels team up to test fossil-free fuels

3 March 2022 | News
by Ian Michael

PerkinElmer has announced a long-term partnership with P1 Fuels, a specialist in fossil-free performance fuels for racing teams and the automotive industry. PerkinElmer will work with P1 Fuels to develop and test fully renewable fuels to be used in the upcoming series of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC)—the highest level of rally global competition. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to help the automotive sector, including motorsports, transition to climate-neutral, fossil-free fuels.

P1 Fuels will use PerkinElmer’s GC and IR spectroscopy technology in its Berlin headquarters, as well as trackside, to perform quality-control checks. These two analytical techniques have a long history within the automotive space, but this is the first time that chromatography and infrared spectroscopy will be used to test competitive, sustainable fuels. The aim is to show that fully sustainable fuels can deliver high performance without damaging the environment. PerkinElmer will provide P1 Fuels with a SpectrumTM Two FT-IR spectrometer and a Clarus 590 gas chromatograph.

According to Gavin Aston, Director Strategic Initiatives EMEAI, PerkinElmer, “The partnership with P1 Fuels is yet another proof point of PerkinElmer’s commitment to driving positive, lasting change by developing products to sustain the health and safety of people and the environment. This fantastic collaboration is empowering sustainability by enabling our valuable partner to perform all the analyses needed to continue to shape fossil-free mobility. “Our goal is to create better outcomes for everyone”, Aston added. “Simple changes, such as switching from fossil fuel products to more sustainable alternatives can have a huge impact when done at scale. We can’t wait to show the motorsport world how science and testing can support outstanding sporting performances whilst protecting the environment.”

Martin Popilka, CEO, P1 Fuels, said: “We are thrilled to work with PerkinElmer, which can help the automotive industry, including motorsports and development teams, speed up the transition to climate-neutral mobility using fossil-free fuels. PerkinElmer’s technology will support race scrutineering and analysis of motorsports at global races and demonstrate how sustainable solutions do not have to come at the expense of sporting success. Fossil free fuels play an integral part of the future mobility mix, and motorsport plays a fundamental role in a broader adoption and testing of these fuels. We’re excited that the FIA WRC is the first world championship to embrace completely fossil-free fuels and clearly demonstrates that their performance is on pair with their fossil counterparts.”

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