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New series of hyperspectral cameras

11 December 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

The collaboration between imec and XIMEA has resulted in a series of new hyperspectral cameras (xiSpec2). For five years, XIMEA has commercialised imec’s hyperspectral technology in its xiSpec cameras. These have the capability of real-time video rate spectral data acquisition, enabling new applications where traditional push-broom is too challenging. The xiSpec2 camera is targeted at the medical, agriculture and machine vision markets, and imec is taking an active role in the collaboration. XIMEA and imec optimised the camera design to improve the spectral quality of the acquired data and enable customers to tailor image quality and spectral range to their application. Also, new software enables applications in more challenging, non-standardised industrial settings. The xiSpec2 series consists of three standard cameras as well as the custom solutions. Customers can obtain a starter kit with the necessary peripherals (lenses, cables etc.) to ensure a smooth startup as well as after-sales support that includes a warranty on the spectral image quality. Finally, xiSpec2 camera customers have access to imec’s manuals, sample data and technical support.