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Hyperspectral camera

16 December 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

NIREOS, a spin-off from the Politecnico di Milano University, has introduced a new hyperspectral camera, HERA. This is a compact device (15.7 x 15.5 x 11 cm) and can capture a continuous spectrum in the 400–1000 nm region of each pixel of a scene in just a few seconds. HERA is based on a patented Fourier-transform technology, which dispenses with filters or gratings, which typically limit the light throughput. Instead, HERA employs an ultra-stable interferometer with a 1 cm clear aperture that ensures acquisition of images even in challenging conditions (such as low illumination light, fluorescent hyperspectral imaging etc.). HERA has <1 nm resolution at 400 nm wavelength. When it is not required, the user can choose via software to perform quicker measurements with worse spectral resolution. The software immediately provides the hyperspectral processed image and offers the capability to perform a first data analysis, enabling the user to check and compare the spectra of selected pixels.

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