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High-speed ultrasonic hyperspectral imaging camera

29 January 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

Imec has introduced its second generation, high-speed Snapscan hyperspectral imaging camera. This uses an ultrasonic speed piezo motor stage and innovative software to enable the acquisition of high-resolution, hyperspectral images in less than 200 ms. The Snapscan camera handles all scanning internally using the miniaturised ultrasonic piezo scanning stage, thereby avoiding the need for external scanning movement. A spatial resolution of 3650 × 2048 px (7 Mpx), with a spectral resolution of 150+ spectral bands, can be achieved over the 470–900 nm and 600–975 nm spectral ranges. With imec’s proprietary hyperspectral imaging acquisition software, specific spectral regions of interest can be selected, enabling the acquisition of images at the high speed of 200 ms. Flat signal-to-noise ratios of 200 : 1 over the full spectral range are possible, with optimised acquisition and lighting set-up parameters.