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Spectral imaging platform for industrial sorting

3 November 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

Specim has released the SpecimONE spectral imaging platform for the industrial sorting market. SpecimONE is compatible with major industrial standards and allows seamless integration with machine vision systems, e.g. Halcon and Sherlock. SpecimONE consists of three parts: the Specim FX series hyperspectral camera, SpecimCUBE processing hardware and SpecimINSIGHT off-line software. Specim FX series hyperspectral cameras are designed specifically for industrial use, with high frame rate, robust construction and small size. SpecimCUBE is a processing platform to run classification models created by SpecimINSIGHT in real-time, and includes optimised software to meet industry requirements for throughput, latency and jitter. SpecimINSIGHT allows users to browse and explore data, create and validate classification models. The current feature set focuses on sorting industry requirements, namely, a robust, yet fast classification PLS-DA algorithm, support for MROI functionality to benefit from the FX series camera’s speed and support for all Specim dataset format cameras.