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Hyperspectral sensor ranged for UAVs and other platforms of limited payload size

15 September 2015 | Product
by Ian Michael

SPECIM have introduced the new range of AisaKESTREL pushbroom hyperspectral sensor systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). They are built to the same data quality requirements as SPECIM’s AisaEAGLE and AisaFENIX sensors and have a ground sample distance (GSD) of 5–10 cm which is the same as other airborne sensor technologies like orthophoto cameras and LiDARs, with which hyperspectral data is complementary.

SPECIM’s LUMO user interface is simple to use, and SPECIM provides all the components and sensor calibration information required for collecting—remotely from a ground station when so required—the full datacube. Through SPECIM’s CaliGeoPRO pre-processing software, all image pixels are automatically georectified into true-orthoimagery with more than 380 spectral bands.

Two versions of the system are available, AisaKESTREL10 for 400–1000 nm and AisaKESTREL16 for 600–1640 nm.