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Infrared Spectroscopy News

Vibrational spectroscopy of substitutional Si impurities in graphene
22 Mar 2023

Researchers have pushed the sensitivity of single-atom vibrational spectroscopy to the chemical-bonding-configuration extreme, which is critical for understanding the correlation of lattice vibrational properties with local atomic configurations in materials.

Concept of the photonic-molecule spectrometer
8 Mar 2023

A new method overcomes the resolution-bandwidth limit in chip-scale spectrometry. The proposed scheme is based on a pair of identical tuneable micro-ring resonators.

Image of the system
8 Mar 2023

The new design uses dual-comb spectroscopy.

The upconversion process and IR spectra
7 Mar 2023

This ultrafast infrared spectroscopy method would fulfil many unmet needs in experimental molecular science, revealing various high-speed phenomena in detail.

8 Feb 2023

The IRDG’s two student travel awards are now open for applications: the Chalmers & Dent Student Travel Award and the Francis Dunstan Travel Awards.

Photo of πNIRS in action
24 Jan 2023

The πNIRS technique could revolutionise medical diagnostics, including monitoring of strokes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Photo of the opening of IDMxS
5 Dec 2022

NTU Singapore has launched the S$160 million Institute for Digital Molecular Analytics and Science, which aims to advance the science behind analysing biomolecules through the use of information technology and data science.

Photo of the ICP sensor being placed on a forehead
5 Dec 2022

A team from Carnegie Mellon University have developed methods using NIR and diffuse correlation spectroscopies to monitor intracranial pressure non-invasively.

Diagram illustrating the light generation
5 Dec 2022

A new light source generates ultrashort infrared pulses at wavelengths around 12 µm with previously unattained peak intensity and stability. First experiments in vibrational spectroscopy on water demonstrate the high potential of the system for applications.

Photo of two violins used in the investigation
4 Nov 2022

IR s-SNOM has shown that the layer between the wood and varnish of two Stradivarius violins contained protein-based compounds, congregating in nano-sized patches.

Figure showing ICP estimator performance on NIR spectroscopy derived average cardiac waveforms
3 Nov 2022

A novel algorithm estimates intracranial pressure based on haemoglobin levels using near infrared spectroscopic cardiac pulse waveforms.

Schematic diagram of the experimental setup
2 Nov 2022

A research team has developed a new type of spectrometer which is capable of simultaneous remote sensing of atmospheric methane, water vapor and nitrous oxide.

Photo of someone with a cereal bar in one hand and a cup in the other
28 Oct 2022

A new study has compared three different illumination systems for moisture prediction using hyperspectral imaging in the visible-near infrared range.

Photo of jet engine being tested
28 Oct 2022

Large-scale, chemical-specific emissions information poised to aid development of greener airplane engines and fuels.

IR-DOSY spectra
28 Oct 2022

Infrared Diffusion-Ordered Spectroscopy separates molecules with different sizes into distinct sets of infrared peaks.

Illustration of how the IR spectrometer works
26 Oct 2022

A proof-of-concept miniaturised Fourier-transform waveguide spectrometer that incorporates a sub-wavelength photodetector as a light sensor has been built.

Photo of the spectrometer chip on a gloved finger
21 Oct 2022

Research involving two-dimensional semiconductors has led to an ultra-tiny spectrometer that fits on a microchip and is operated using artificial intelligence.

Diagram of the of NIR single-grain high-throughput quality analysis instrument
20 Oct 2022

​​​​​​​A high-throughput single-grain quality NIR detection platform has helped evaluate the eating quality of hybrid rice.

Sample layout, and conventional lidar and chemically sensitive lidar images
26 Sep 2022

Combines photothermal spectroscopy and lidar, resolving chemical information by detecting sub-nm surface deformations due to photothermal absorption of a pump laser.

Photo of Henri Hekman, CEO and Founder of AgroCares, and Dr. Christian Nitschke, Director IR Sensing & Spectroscopy Solutions Business at trinamiX
12 Sep 2022

AgroCares are to use trinamiX’s handheld NIR spectrometer in their next Nutrient Scanner solution.