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Infrared Spectroscopy News

17 Jan 2022

A research group at Eindhoven University of Technology has developed a new NIR sensor that is easy to make, comparable in size to sensors in smartphones and ready for immediate use in industrial process monitoring and agriculture.

14 Jan 2022

KPM Analytics has acquired Bruins Instruments, a manufacturer of high-resolution near infrared reflectance and transmission analysers.

12 Jan 2022

The fusion reflectance and transmission NIR spectra can improve predictions of the three main components of rice flour.

5 Jan 2022

Quantum mechanically entangled light particles allow a glimpse into previously invisible wavelength ranges, thus bringing about new possibilities for imaging techniques, microscopy and spectroscopy.

20 Dec 2021

The First Student meeting of the Coblentz Society and NE & NY Society for Applied Spectroscopy (SAS) Sections invites submissions from PhD students from across the world working in all fields of vibrational spectroscopy.

17 Dec 2021

University of Adelaide scientists have developed a new mid-infrared spectroscopy method to detect and measure very low concentrations of agricultural lime in soils.

6 Dec 2021

The first demonstration of direct fs-pulse emission from a quantum cascade laser in the mid-infrared region paves the path towards novel applications of ultrashort laser pulses.

22 Nov 2021

NIR spectroscopy is used to monitor the drying of coated apple chips in an investigation to encourage their consumption by children.

1 Nov 2021

The 2021 winner of the Karl Norris Award of the International Council for Near Infrared Spectroscopy is Professor Yukihiro Ozaki.

1 Nov 2021

FT-IR spectroscopy and tandem mass spectrometry have identified human blood and bird egg proteins in red paint covering a 1000-year-old gold mask from Peru.

27 Oct 2021

Researchers at Empa in Switzerland have developed a simple device to visualise SWIR radiation.

25 Oct 2021

As a UvA professor, she will focus primarily on the application of molecular spectroscopy for the study of historic paints and their degradation.

13 Sep 2021

New partnerships to accelerate Rockley’s development of real-time, non-invasive biomarker sensing across a range of medical uses.

24 Aug 2021

Researchers have developed a rapid method, based on IR spectra of blood plasma, for differentiating COVID-19-positive patients expected to show severe symptoms from those likely to experience only mild symptoms.

16 Aug 2021

A team of researchers from Korea has developed a metamaterial that improves the sensitivity of infrared absorption spectroscopy more than 100 times. It can be used in the creation of ultra-sensitive infrared sensors, is very affordable and easy to make.

9 Aug 2021

Shimadzu has appointed Jürgen Semmler as the new Managing Director of its European organisation. He previously headed Shimadzu Deutschland since its foundation in 2006.

2 Aug 2021

A blood test has been developed, based on ATR-FT-IR spectroscopy, to predict which people infected with COVID-19 are most likely to experience serious symptoms, which could help health care workers prioritise patients for hospitalisation and intensive care.

5 Jul 2021

Tumour types and mutations can be identified by IR imaging in 30 min.

1 Jul 2021

Transmission grating and OEM spectrometer manufacturer Ibsen Photonics celebrates 30 years in business.

29 Jun 2021

3D-printed attenuated total reflectance unit enables FT-IR spectroscopy to reveal the 3D orientation of molecules in thin films.