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Infrared Spectroscopy News

Graphs showing the forecast for miniature spectrometers
10 Jun 2022

A review of and prediction for the development of chip-based optical spectrometers.

Monolithic-waveform synthesis in the mid-IR range
6 Jun 2022

An international team of laser physicists of the attoworld team at LMU and the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics has achieved unprecedented control over light pulses in the mid-infrared wavelength range.

27 May 2022

The Gordon F. Kirkbright and Edward Steers awards are seeking nominations.

Diagram of the sardine effect
17 May 2022

A spectrometer is being used to measure the MOF and guest molecule absorbance of two differently polarised types of infrared light, enabling the first measurement of both guest–guest and guest–host interactions in real-time.

Photo of Joachim Holm
6 May 2022

The first local managing director for Shimadzu Denmark, Joachim Holm, has been appointed.

Diagram of the new supercontinuum light source operation
25 Apr 2022

A type of optical fibre with a refractive index that varies continuously across the fibre structure has been shown to yield a dramatic increase in supercontinuum power, while still preserving a smooth beam intensity profile.

21 Apr 2022

Computational imaging technologies have substantially reduced the costs of imaging systems and at the same time significantly improved their performances. Use of a Lucy-Richardson-Rosen computational reconstruction method with infrared microspectroscopy has produced 3D images.

12 Apr 2022

The Awards Committee of the Council for Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (CNIRS) is requesting nominations and submissions for four award categories.

Photo of a demonstrator system
11 Apr 2022

Fraunhofer IAF has developed an integrable measurement system which uses machine vision to detect samples and verify them using laser-based infrared spectroscopy.

11 Apr 2022

Serial sectioning of pharmaceutical tablets with spectral mapping has enabled full visualisation of the three-dimensional (3D) microstructure of a tablet system to be achieved.

6 Apr 2022

Si-Ware has announced a partnership with NutriControl Analytical Solutions, a laboratory network based in the Netherlands serving the animal feed, dairy and food sectors.

Chemical distribution of carbonates and phosphates in a tooth by band vibration.
4 Apr 2022

Synchrotron FT-IR microspectroscopy has been used to study the side effects of typical tooth whitening treatments, based on oxidation, compared to a new treatment developed by the authors through reduction.

3 Mar 2022

PerkinElmer has announced a partnership with P1 Fuels to develop and test fully renewable fuels to be used in the upcoming series of the FIA World Rally Championship.

2 Mar 2022

Process Insights has acquired Guided Wave, which will join Process Insights’ existing broad portfolio of brands and technologies for process analytics, monitoring and control.

Diagram of the deep learning process
28 Feb 2022

A new algorithm allows real-time reconstruction of images that combine optical spectral and magnetic resonance imaging data.

23 Feb 2022

A proof-of-concept FT-IR-based saliva COVID-19 testing workflow has investigated the pathophysiological response to a COVID-19 infection through ATR-FT-IR spectroscopy.

16 Feb 2022

Researchers from the University of Warsaw have built the first quantum processor in Poland and are putting it to use in spectroscopy. They’ve demonstrated how quantum information processing can efficiently provide information on matter hidden in light.

Diagram of the sensor-building process
14 Feb 2022

As the nanostructures in optical sensing chips get ever smaller, it becomes increasingly difficult to get molecules onto the device. A new chip using surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy may be the answer.

Photo of Kendra Furber with her FT-IR imaging instrumentation
9 Feb 2022

Synchrotron light is being used with FT-IR imaging to investigate the role of myelin in brain ageing.

Photo of a policeman holding a breathalyser
24 Jan 2022

fNIRS can determine impairment from cannabis intoxication and could be used as a “breathalyser” on drivers.