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22 Apr 2021

Multi-spectroscopy analytical approach provides important information for preservation of Picasso paintings.

19 Apr 2021

Shimadzu has received two “Red Dot” design awards for their MALDImini-1 and iMScope QT, a MS and optical imaging instrument.

26 Mar 2021

Applications are invited for two awards administered by the ABS Trust.

19 Mar 2021

A new NALDI-TOF-MS technique detects minute particles of plastics in snow, rain and even soil.

19 Mar 2021

Researchers at the University of Surrey have found that LC-MS and PLS of non-invasive skin swab samples may be enough to detect COVID-19.

11 Mar 2021

Mass spectrometry can be used to identify Parkinson’s based on compounds found on the surface of skin. The findings offer hope that a pioneering new test could be developed to diagnose the degenerative condition through a simple skin swab.

22 Feb 2021

A novel gel electrophoresis technique has reduced the time for the sample pretreatment of trace marker proteins derived from clinical samples from around 20 to 5 hours.

16 Feb 2021

Scientists from the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) have proposed a mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) method making use of the unique features of human vision.

27 Jan 2021

Kanazawa University scientists have used computer simulations of charged molecules to help improve the accuracy of mass spectrometers. By understanding the collisions between ions that reduce excess charges, this work may lead to more sensitive radiocarbon dating and medical testing.

26 Jan 2021

A research project at the Institute for Global Food Security, Queen’s University Belfast is to use mass spectrometry to tackle bovine mastitis and reduce the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics on dairy farms.

25 Jan 2021

With forest fires becoming increasingly prevalent and severe due to climate change, a detailed understanding of the composition of their smoke is important.

8 Jan 2021

Researchers from Osaka University have developed a new MSI method for brain tissue analysis in high spatial resolution that requires no sample preparation.

22 Dec 2020

Multimodal imaging is being used by scientists to study skin ageing through the interaction of metabolism, cellular communication and cellular quality control in skin ageing accelerated by environmental stress.

17 Dec 2020

A new computational mass spectrometry imaging method enables researchers to achieve high mass resolution and high spatial resolution for biological samples while providing data sets significantly faster.

17 Dec 2020

The British Mass Spectrometry Society, in partnership with the Chromatographic Society, offer summer studentships: deadline 15 January 2021.

16 Dec 2020

The European Pharmacopoeia Commission has adopted a new general chapter on the analysis of N-nitrosamine impurities in active substances by GC-MS, LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS.

2 Dec 2020

A multi-reflection time-of-flight mass spectrometer has been used successfully to investigate atomic clusters at the University of Greifswald.

23 Nov 2020

This review discusses three emerging applications in MSI—clinical, pre-clinical and forensics—and the roadblocks to the expansion of the use of MSI in these areas.

10 Nov 2020

New virtual format for the 72nd Pittsburgh Conference.

2 Nov 2020

Mass spectrometry, XRF and NIR spectroscopy are being used together with voltammetry to determine the origin of ancient ceramic fragments.