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UV-Vis spectrometer for teaching labs

6 May 2021 | Product
by Ian Michael

PASCO Scientific has released a new UV-Vis spectrometer primarily designed for teaching labs. The SE-3607 spectrometer provides high speed spectral scans from 180 nm to 1050 nm and includes easy-to-use spectrometry software with built-in features that improve collaboration between lab members. The spectrometer warms up in less than ten minutes and eliminates the need for complex calibrations. It is durable and has specialised features such as an internal drain, an external cuvette marking and a stabilised optical bench that ensures consistent accuracy over time (±1 nm).

The system has USB connectivity and the accompanying, cross-platform spectrometry software enables full spectral scans to be collected on a computer or laptop in less than 1 s. Once collected, spectral data can be saved, exported to Excel, printed or shared and reviewed with lab members using PASCO’s free spectrometry software. A free, fully functional spectrometry app that enables students to manipulate and review their spectral data inside or outside of the lab is also available.

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