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Ultra-compact CW laser modules

17 February 2016 | Product
by Ian Michael

Integrated Optics introduced an upgrade to its MatchBox series of ultra-compact CW laser sources for spectroscopy, sorting and illumination. The MatchBox2 series features improved ruggedness, extended operational temperature range, new serial UART interface, laser control software and a smaller footprint. The series of OEM laser sources offers more than 25 different wavelengths often with both SLM (single-longitudinal mode) or non-SLM spectral options. Four options of output types are available: free-space, MM, SM and PM fibre. All types of lasers are offered in the same matchbox-size enclosure, unified +5 V DC power input and serial control interface. All lasers with minor exceptions feature more than 500 : 1 polarisation contrast or >20 dB polarisation extinction ratio from a polarisation-maintaining fibre. SLM lasers typically feature around 50 dB side-mode suppression ratio (SMSR) with superior centre wavelength stability of few picometres over the temperature range from 15°C to 35°C. The lasers of the MatchBox2 series are self-contained, however, a number of accessories are offered to make test and installation more convenient, especially in scientific setups.