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New polka-dot beamsplitters from Teledyne Acton Optics

23 May 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

Teledyne Acton Optics has introduced a series of new polka-dot beamsplitters for broadband sources such as xenon, deuterium and tungsten halogen. Using a patented UV coating process, these can now be supplied for use down to 120 nm, depending on the coating and substrate selected. Standard UV-NIR broadband polka-dot beamsplitters for 190–2500 nm are also available. These new polka-dot beamsplitters can be ordered with custom spectral ranges spanning 120–8000 nm. In addition to standard UV fused-silica substrates, Teledyne Acton Optics offers polka-dot beamsplitters that utilise calcium fluoride, magnesium fluoride and sapphire substrates. Custom beamsplitter ratios (stock ratio 50/50) are also available upon request.

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