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Table-top, frequency comb spectrometer

4 May 2017 | Product
by Ian Michael

IRsweep have introduced the IRspectrometer, a table-top, frequency comb spectrometer with µs time-resolution, a large spectral bandwidth and high spectral resolution. The use of dual-comb spectroscopy can overcome the limitations around speed, resolution and signal-to-noise ratio inherent in Michelson FT-IR spectrometers. The IRspectrometer has time-resolution of 1 µs for a full spectrum, and the brightness of the laser frequency-comb source provides a large dynamic range, enabling the analysis of highly absorbing samples. The spectrometer also delivers µs resolution at high bandwidths, and has signal-to-noise ratios above 1000 per data point with <1 ms acquisition.

Potential applications include time-resolved bio-spectroscopy, high-throughput IR analysis and chemical composition determination of gaseous, liquid and solid samples.

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