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Small interferometer with wide wavelength coverage

13 March 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

NIREOS has introduced the GEMINI interferometer, which can be used to measure the spectrum of a light source, either coherent (such as a broadband laser) or incoherent (light bulb, LED or fluorescence from a sample). GEMINI has high throughput with a 10-mm clear aperture (free space propagation with a collimated beam through the device, lacking entrance or exit slits); user-adjustable spectral resolution without affecting light throughput; spectral coverage of 250–3500 nm; easy alignment (plug-and-play operation); and a compact footprint (10 × 11 × 6 cm). It is equipped with control software and Labview examples for easy integration into existing setup systems. GEMINI can be used in applications including time- and frequency-resolved fluorescence, coherent Raman spectroscopy, pump-probe spectroscopy and fluorescence microscopy on single molecules.