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Portable compact UV spectrometer

7 December 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

Quantum Design UK and Ireland have introduced International Light Technologies’ ILT 960-UV to the UK and Ireland market. The ILT 960-UV is ILT’s new portable, compact UV spectrometer with increased broadband sensitivity. The ILT 960-UV can measure UV light levels as small as 0.4 uW cm–2 nm–1. The ILT 960-UV-RAA4 includes the spectrometer, 1-m fibre-optic light guide, RAA4 right angle cosine correcting input optic, calibration with certificate and carrying case. UV germicidal irradiation systems depend on the proper intensity of light reaching a surface to ensure proper disinfection. The new ILT 960-UV is combined with ILT’s SpectrILight III software, which includes a baseline overlay comparison, irradiance select and peak find.