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Palm-sized FT-IR platform

27 October 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

Si-Ware Systems has introduced the NeoSpectra-MIR, a highly compact FT-IR spectral sensing platform that offers wide wavelength coverage (2125–7400 cm–1). The customisable platform, which can fit in the palm of your hand, can be used on-site as a test station or installed directly onto a pipe or into a production line, reducing operational costs and improving efficiency and safety. Due to the MEMS construction of the interferometer, it is cost-effective, with volume pricing significantly less than benchtop equipment, has low power consumption, robustness to shock/vibration and low maintenance.

Si-Ware has developed a series of product demonstrators that can be used off-the-shelf, and customised models can be configured and optimised with an easy-to-use toolkit. The modular components include the optical core module, the electronics, sampling interfaces, software and connectivity tools, chemometrics, and system-level packaging. The core technology could even be incorporated into handheld or drone-mounted devices.

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