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16 August 2017 | Product
by Ian Michael

Cole-Parmer Ltd has announced that Jenway® has introduced the new Genova Bio life science spectrophotometer. The Genova Bio is a UV/visible spectrophotometer, and has been designed for fast and easy use in life science applications, whilst having a low-price point. It is suitable for molecular biology laboratories, biotechnology, biochemistry and cell biology applications.

The Genova Bio is compatible with a wide range of small volume cuvettes, allowing it to measure the purity and concentration of DNA, RNA and other biological samples. To optimise sample preparation, the Genova Bio is pre-programmed with methods for the quantification of nucleic acids and proteins. The instrument also has a pre-programmed method for measuring optical density of bacterial cell cultures such as E. coli and yeast cells, enabling scientists to measure cell growth before cell harvesting.

The Genova Bio uses scanning diode array technology, with electrical scanning of the entire wavelength range (198–800 nm) simultaneously in under six seconds. This is useful where multiple wavelengths are required for purity ratios. The instrument features a large intuitive colour touchscreen interface for simple operation in the lab.

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