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Jenway launches micro-volume spectrophotometer

17 April 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

Cole-Parmer Ltd have announced that Jenway® has introduced its new micro-volume spectrophotometer, the 7415 Nano. Designed to measure micro-volume samples accurately, the 7415 Nano spectrophotometer is suitable for measuring DNA and RNA concentrations and purity. It enables micro-volume samples as small as 0.5 µL to be directly pipetted onto the read head, reducing the need for dilutions and eliminating the requirement for cuvettes. The 7415 Nano has a 7" high definition colour touchscreen display and an Android operating system. It succeeds the Genova Nano, and has multiple USB ports for data transfer and printer connectivity and multi-language options in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. With the new 74 range Jenway also has introduced CP LIVE, the free Cole-Parmer web and mobile app that enables scientists to transfer and store data, protocols and results in one place. One administrator login can grant rights to other users to access the data, wherever they are located.