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FT-IR spectrometer-based milk analyser

25 June 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

PerkinElmer has launched the LactoScope™ FT-B instrument, an FT-IR spectrometer for testing and adulterant screening for liquid dairy products such as whey, raw and skim milk, shelf stable milk and cream with under 40 % fat content. It has a smaller footprint than PerkinElmer’s Lactoscope™ FT-A system, which analyses milk, yogurt, ice cream, concentrates and creams with up to 55 % fat. The FT-B produces results in <45 s with a typical accuracy level of under 1 % CV (relative standard deviation). For large processors, the instrument can serve as a second instrument in milk intake areas to help ease liquid sample throughputs in addition to the Lactoscope™ FT-A system. For small- to mid-sized dairies and milk intake points with high volumes, the LactoScope™ FT-B instrument also provides low cost of ownership.

The LactoScope™ FT-B is integrated with the easy-to-use Results Plus software and provides rapid implementation with minimal training, as well as analysis and reporting that are compatible with the Lactoscope FT-A solution, PerkinElmer’s DA 7250™ NIR Analyser and LIMS systems. This makes it easy to move between different platforms and instruments across liquid and solid dairy testing. Further, the Lactoscope FT-B instrument ties into the PerkinElmer Net Plus™ cloud solution to enable remote configuration, monitoring, calibration and team collaboration.

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