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FT-IR microanalysis accessory for bulky samples

11 December 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

Czitek has introduced a version of their SurveyIR FT-IR microanalysis accessory for use with bulky samples, the SurveyIRVS. The design of the SurveyIRVS decouples the stage from the optical microscope, allowing analysis of a large range of sample geometries along with research-grade visual images from a high-resolution colour video camera. A high depth-of-field enables rapid specimen location and manipulation in reflection and ATR viewing modes. There is good viewing quality through the diamond ATR, which simplifies target alignment and helps ensure good sample/ATR coupling including visualisation of the contact. The user can also view the sample whilst collecting data, allowing visualisation and interaction with the sample whilst observing the IR spectrum. eSpot software provides visual image display, manipulation, capture, documentation and storage. It also enables illumination mode selection and remote image mask size chosen by the user from six sample aperture options.