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  • 8 Jul 2022

    SPECTRO Analytical Instruments has introduced the SPECTROMAXx LMX10 for elemental analysis in metal producing and fabricating plants, and iron and non-ferrous foundries.

    Spectro Analytical Instruments
  • 31 Mar 2022

    The LANSIS CCD cameras extend Teledyne’s spectroscopy portfolio into system integrator and OEM markets.

    Teledyne Princeton Instruments
  • 4 Feb 2022

    TOPTICA’s new CTL 900 laser can cover the 900 nm region with wide mode-hop-free tuning.

    TOPTICA Photonics AG
  • 24 Jan 2022

    SPECTRO’s ARCOS ICP-OES spectrometer has enhancements in optical interfaces and detection.

    Spectro Analytical Instruments
  • 27 Sep 2021

    Bruker’s new Q4 POLO is a compact spark optical emission spectrometer with the ability to work in a number of new applications.

    Bruker AXS GmbH
  • 30 Aug 2021

    SPECTRO Analytical Instruments’ SPECTROMAXx Arc/Spark OES analyser provides reduced cost of ownership with lower consumables, plus advanced diagnostics and easy maintenance that increases availability and prevents downtime.

    Spectro Analytical Instruments
  • 30 Apr 2021

    Rigaku Analytical Devices has introduced the KT-500 handheld alloy analyser for analysis of carbon steels and more, suitable for quality control and positive material identification applications.

    Rigaku Europe SE
  • 12 Apr 2021

    Hitachi High-Tech has expanded its metals analysis range with the new OE720, powered by SpArcfire software.

    Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Corporation
  • 11 Feb 2021

    SciAps have introduced their new generation SciAps Z-901 handheld LIBS analyserwhich has “dual burn” technology allowing users to choose either an “air burn” method or argon-purge.

    SciAps, Inc.
  • 4 Feb 2021

    The Thermo Scientific Neoma Multicollector ICP-MS system has been launched with new levels of sensitivity, accuracy and productivity.

    Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • 10 Dec 2020

    Agilent’s new 7850 ICP-MS system provides new smart tools that bring advanced capabilities to the routine ICP-MS laboratory.

    Agilent Technologies (Santa Clara, USA)
  • 10 Dec 2020

    The new SPECTROGREEN TI has a twin interface that provides high sensitivity for trace elements.

    Spectro Analytical Instruments
  • 27 Nov 2020

    The new Q4 TASMAN™ Series 2 is a versatile, high-performance spark-optical emission spectrometer for the metals industry.

    Bruker AXS GmbH
  • 14 Oct 2020

    Hitachi has introduced SpArcfire to its mobile optical emission spectrometry analyser range; this operating software is already used on their stationary spark OES instruments.

    Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Corporation
  • 7 May 2020

    The S20 series of autosamplers is the latest generation designed specifically for PerkinElmer’s spectroscopy platforms.

    PerkinElmer, Inc.
  • 29 Apr 2020

    PerkinElmer’s NexION® 5000 multi-quadruple inductively couple plasma mass spectrometer has four quadrupoles.

    PerkinElmer, Inc.
  • 16 Apr 2020

    Analytik Jena’s new ICP-OES spectrometers, the PlasmaQuant 9100 and the 9100 Elite, offer more automation, greater adaptability and shorter analysis times.

    Analytik Jena AG
  • 15 Apr 2020

    New-generation of Thermo Scientific iCAP ICP-OES instruments capture a complete spectrum in a single measurement for high matrix samples.

    Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • 16 Dec 2019

    The new ICP systems have smart capabilities providing insight into samples, processes and operational status.

    Agilent Technologies (Santa Clara, USA)
  • 12 Nov 2019

    Hitachi’s OE750 is a new optical emission spectrometer for verifying incoming materials specifications in metal processing facilities, covering the entire spectrum of elements in metal and has low detection limits.

    Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Corporation