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Handheld LIBS analyser

11 February 2021 | Product
by Ian Michael

SciAps have introduced their new generation SciAps Z-901 handheld LIBS analyser. Similar to their new XRF platform, the Z-901 features an all-new ergonomic design, a weight reduction down to about 1.6 kg, improved heat dissipation and completely updated software and processing electronics. The Z-901 also features “dual burn” technology: users can choose either an “air burn” method or argon-purge. Air burn eliminates the need for argon canisters and offers rapid material sorting and identification. Users can also insert a small argon canister, switch to the “argon purge” app and calibration, and obtain higher precision and improved limits of detection.

With a whole new form factor, the new LIBS units are better balanced, narrower, with a tapered snout for easier access to welds and hard-to-reach places, and have a rear-facing display that provides easy viewing. Initial results are displayed in one second. The Z-901 is available for alloy, mining exploration and geochemistry, forensics and other analytical applications. It also comes with desktop/tablet software allowing users to add elements and generate custom calibrations.

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