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Pre-configured imaging spectrographs

6 October 2015 | Product
by Ian Michael

Oriel Instruments has introduced the MS260i series of ¼-m imaging spectrographs, consisting of 40 pre-configured imaging instruments complete with diffraction gratings and input slits. They are designed for a variety of applications from the UV to the NIR and are available with USB, RS232 and IEE-488 (GPIB) communication interfaces as well as an optional hand controller. There is a wide choice of micrometre adjustable slits, motorised slits or fixed slits, as well as single or dual output models. Dual output models include one output port for use with a camera; the second output port is configured with the same slit as the input port so that it can be used as a monochromator. This output slit can be removed and a second camera mounted for extended range scans.

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