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PoliSpectra M116 provides up to 32 channels in UV-NIR spectroscopy

14 November 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

HORIBA Scientific has announced a new fibre-coupled multispectra system capable of simultaneous measurement of up to 32 channels. The PoliSpectra® M116 MultiTrack Fiber Spectrometer features a concentric optical design with UV extended spectral range (below 185 nm with optional N2 purge) and a customized fibre bundle providing high throughput and excellent imaging quality with minimal crosstalk. This new product offers a high speed and low-noise 2-D scientific back-illuminated CMOS sensor running at 94–188 frames per second which can be configured with 8, 16 or 32 fibre input channels for simultaneous acquisition of UV-NIR spectra (2048 pixels per spectrum). This design enables PoliSpectra M116 to provide spectral resolution of 1 nm, combined with high sensitivity. Additionally, the high QE sCMOS sensor (95 % in the visible) and an integrated order sorting filter allow wavelength coverage beyond 1 μm.

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