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Optical spectrum from 8 eV to 2000 eV from three gratings

7 November 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

McPherson’s Model 251MX is easy to use and operates over the 0.5–150 nm range by indexing diffraction gratings. It is optimised for high-energy photons including soft x-ray and extreme UV. The Model 251MX does not scan with point detectors, it works exclusively with microchannel plate intensifiers and/or direct detection CCD array detectors. Regardless of type, the detector is located on a flat focal plane. The diffraction gratings are from holographic masters and their laminar groove profile, that looks like a square wave, results in diffraction efficiency in even orders of light lower than either sawtooth or sinusoidal profiles. This helps keep a high-energy spectrum clean and more easily interpretable—especially at short wavelengths.