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NIR chemometric and database management software

27 September 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

Unity Scientific has announced the release of UCal 4™, a complete chemometric toolbox for the creation, optimisation and validation of NIR calibrations. UCal 4 includes five chemometric algorithms and a built-in independent validation routine for rapid determination of the best classification parameters. The resulting conformity models can be configured in parallel with quantitative models for simultaneous good product and compositional analysis from Unity SpectraStar analysers. For standard quantitative calibrations, UCal 4 improves calibration accuracy and precision with new regression options. Variance scaled PLS is now available for improved performance and more robust predictions from most applications. A new locally weighted regression algorithm delivers accurate predictions from large, diverse or non-linear calibration sets. Calibration managers will also appreciate the new batch processing system which allows for an automated iterative evaluation of standard calibration parameters for a rapid and thorough optimisation of data sets.

Enhanced graphical displays and an easy-to-use interface make it easy to interpret complex data and statistical relationships for novices and experts alike. The new Project Manager tool provides rapid access and simplified file management across multiple project and applications, while the new population structuring routines identify important samples for calibration, improving robustness and saving reference laboratory costs. Deploying new calibrations is simplified with the newly-released CommUnity™ Networking Suite from Unity Scientific. Simply load the calibration in CommUnity and publish it to your network. Complete product configurations will be delivered from the cloud, and in seconds, the instrument is ready for operation. Alternatively, calibrations can be manually uploaded to individual SpectraStar analysers.

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