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New Raman microscope from Edinburgh Instruments

30 July 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

The RM5 is a compact and fully automated Raman microscope, suitable for analytical and research purposes. It is truly confocal, with variable slit and multiple position adjustable pinhole for higher image definition, better fluorescence rejection and application optimisation. It can accommodate up to three computer-controlled lasers and has a five-position grating turret enabling spectral resolution of 1.4 cm–1 (FWHM) and optimisation over the full spectral range of 50–4000 cm–1. Up to two integrated detectors can be added, including high efficiency CCD, EMCCD and InGaAs arrays.

The microscope is driven by Ramacle software which controls all RM5 functions. The software provides control, visualisation, data acquisition, analysis and presentation of the RM5 whether it is used for generating Raman spectra or with advanced upgrades such as Raman mapping. Ramacle enables sample visualisation, live signal monitoring and parameter optimisation before every measurement. The instrument status and signal are displayed and constantly updated during measurements.