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New NIR analyser for food

8 May 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

FOSS has announced the FoodScan™ 2, a new-generation near infrared (NIR) analyser which provides a result in as little as 25 s—approximately 50 % faster than the first FoodScan. Besides the traditional information about content of fat, protein, moisture and collagen, FoodScan 2 also provides new parameters such as saturated fat, carbohydrates, sodium and energy. A single test gives all information required to fulfil, for example, the EU requirements for product labelling. Colour is becoming an increasingly important consumer choice parameter, and the FoodScan 2 can perform a colour measurement simultaneously with compositional tests. This offers a convenient and time-saving alternative to separate colour measurement equipment or subjective assessment by eye with visual charts. The new option is achieved by the use of both NIR transmittance and transflectance technology in the one unit.

Artificial neural network (ANN) calibrations, based on a vast data pool of global data, avoid the need to maintain many calibration models because significantly fewer are required than with other methods. This also keep costs for calibration validation at a minimum. FoodScan 2 also includes new software functionality for automatic batch standardisation calculation using results from the analyser, which avoids the need for manual calculation and the associated risk of calculation errors. The instrument is backwards compatible to the FoodScan, and software allows calibration models to be moved onto the new FoodScan 2 platform.

FoodScan 2 is available in a number of models including a Lab TS for laboratory operation, a Pro model for use in the production environment and Lab model with a keyboard for users not requiring the touchscreen interface.

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