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Lightweight handheld NIR spectrometer

19 September 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

Si-Ware Systems is introducing a handheld material analysis scanner with “plug-and-play development” capability for rapid deployment in the field or on the factory floor. The NeoSpectra-Scanner is built around Si-Ware’s NeoSpectra spectral sensor technology, with a spectral range of 1350–2500 nm. The NeoSpectra-Scanner has a five-step application development process that requires the independent characterisation of materials, measurement of the materials with the scanner and developing analysis models that correlate the two. The reseller or user develops the custom user application and display for smartphone, mobile device or laptop. The plug-and-play development package includes the scanner, reference material, data collection software and a software development kit.

The instrument has a large spot size (up to 10 mm) for measuring non-homogenous materials such as grains and soils. It is also ruggedised for in-field use, conforming to IP65 protection standards. The Scanner is designed not only for point-and shoot-capability but also to rest on flat surfaces for above-scanner sampling, or for below-scanner sampling from a suspended position. It works with any Bluetooth-enabled device to transfer information. The Neospectra-Scanner runs on two 18650 batteries and when fully charged can perform more than 1000 scans.